NARP 50 plus, sets out to unleash the collective strength of the gracefully ageing by seeking out and achieving an enhanced value proposition for their vital interests in the marketplace.

The NARP 50 plus pledge is to leverage on the syndicated bargaining power of this economically vital demographic to achieve the best value for members when they purchase vital goods and services.

With valuable relationships in key industries such as Travel, Hospitality, Finance, Life Style, Healthcare, NARP 50 plus has established the required relationships with most service providers and will interface with your more personal, less accessible ones to negotiate the best value for the money you spend as you fulfill your commercial and social pursuits.

Our members individually and collectively will enjoy the exceptional privileges and respect that their years of labour entitles them to.

NARP is a non-governmental, nonpartisan, advocacy association for people of 50 years-old and over that is committed to addressing issues that will enhance their experience in participating in socio-economic activities that matter most to them.

NARP has a service platform that rests on the following pillars:

  • Family
  • Health¬†
  • Wealth

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